TNG for Family Trees

TNG is a web-based genealogy software program that uses PhP and MySQL software to put your genealogy on the web as a database. From your custom domain name, you can edit and share with your family.

We make it easy to get started by installing TNG using a standard template and we'll even upload your first GEDCOM file.TNG is fully customizable.

Unlike using Ancestry or MyHeritage to host your tree, your site is completely private and available only to registered users.

TNG Features

Standard Features

  • GEDCOM Import/Export: No need to retype everything.
  • Search: Easy lookup by name, or advanced search on dates, places and more.
  • Find Relationships: See how any two people are related to each other (great for family gatherines!)
  • Dynamic Charts: Pedigree, descendants, relationship, timeline, family group, etc.
  • Clean, Easy to Read: One person per page, sensible layout, clear navigation.
  • Surname and First Name Lists: Quickly display your main lines alphabetically and by popularity.
  • Customizeable: Choose from built-in template designs, purchase one from a third party, or let us build exactly what you want.


  • Security: Create users with various rights, protect living/private data.
  • Media: Upload and link photos, histories, videos, you name it.
  • Administration: Manage everything from a central admin menu.
  • Backup/Restore: Safeguard your data, recover from disaster.
  • Multiple Trees: Host more than one GEDCOM at a time.
  • Strong Support: Make use of a forum, a wiki and two mailing lists, or ask the author.
  • Much More: Google Maps, LDS data supported, Cemeteries, Dates & Anniversaries, "What's New", etc. !


See a more complete feature list here.